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Halle Bloom

Halle with paint and a drink.jpg

Halle told me she was able to “grow and learn to be more independent” at camp this year.

As you know, she has been medically fragile since age 3. Between that and having a controlling mom (working on it!), the chance for her to spread her wings and try new things is so so huge for her.

Lucas was born right after Halle finished treatment. We found out we were expecting him the day after her diagnosis. His whole life has been affected by Halle’s fragility. Her needs have affected us all, but his unexpected arrival truly turned our world upside down, or perhaps turned it right side up after Halle’s illness had turned it upside down. I hope that makes sense.

Being four years apart, it could be expected that the two Bloom babies wouldn’t be terribly close. The opposite is true. They are very close. Lucas has helped to take the pressure off of the focus being all about Halle at all times. He doesn’t mean to, obviously, but it’s the hand he’s been dealt.

With that, though, is a life of less freedom than his peers may have. He has an innate feeling of responsibility and care for his sister. To be able to see her enjoy 5 days of freedom is such a gift to him! They both get to just be kids during camp! No appointments, no mom watching every little thing, no responsibilities! It’s like magic for them.

Camp is a gift to Matt and me as well. Our marriage has suffered through years of stress. The stress of raising three kids, one with special needs, has taken its toll. We never leave them, rarely even for an evening out. As much as we love our kids, the freedom camp offers us is amazing. I know the nurses and medical professionals can handle Halle’s needs. I trust them.

Halle got sick during the 2019 camp week. The nurses called me and acted swiftly. She recovered and then returned back. It was stressful, but proved to me that Halle can be ok, even without me.

The thing Camp does more now than ever is offer HOPE. Hope for Halle’s future. Our whole family’s future. It proves to me that Halle can function in the world. She is becoming more independent, and this is a really big exercise of her being able to feel a sense of the freedom she can feel as her future opens for her.


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